Detailed Office Move Checklist

Detailed Office Move Checklist Makes Your New Office Move Easy Moving your office can give you headaches if you don’t plan the move properly. To ensure you encounter no major hiccups during your office move, we have compiled a detailed office move checklist.   Have a look… Before Moving (Planning) Understand the floor plan of your office. More importantly, figure out the sitting arrangement in advance to escape chaos later.   Don’t forget to assign a number to every desk. Numbering the desks sequentially is the [...]

chnage of address checklist

Change of Address Checklist

A Change of Address Checklist is Vital for a Stress-Free House Move What a person achieves in life is represented through the documents and so safeguarding any document is extremely essential. Usually, when you decide to shift or relocate your residence, whether locally or anywhere across the country, carrying various documents is important more than taking any other thing along with you. However, in a lot of work load, responsibilities and out of so many documents, it is possible that [...]

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Best Way to Pack Dishes for Shipping

Best way to pack dishes for shipping If you are moving interstate or even locally, you need to be careful when packing delicate items like dishes. No matter the dishes you have were purchased at clearance sale or you received them as a gift, the last thing you want to see is see few dishes broken when you unpack them after reaching your new home. Let’s see the best way to pack dishes for shipping to ensure your dishes and [...]


Moving House Checklist

Moving from one house to another can be exciting and stressful at the same time. There are so many things that you must do and care about. To ensure the whole house moving process runs smoothly and you settle happily at your new place, we have created a moving house checklist. Follow this to ensure you complete each and every task according to the plan.  2 months before moving house Compare house moving services and select carefully. You should hire a moving [...]


Office Moving Tips

Office Moving Tips Office moving can be a big headache due to the complexity of moving the stuff involved. The worst part is when you are all busy in moving knee-size boxes, it is easy to lose focus and miss important things.  Here are some office moving tips that will help you while physical moving of your office. Start Planning Early Strategic planning can make a huge difference in commercial moves like office relocation.  It makes a hectic relocation smoother and [...]

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Moving House Tips

10 Moving House Tips & Tricks Let’s face the facts. Unless you are a minimalist, house moving is one of the biggest household tasks and often overwhelming as well. If you can plan it well and stay organized, you would be able to escape much trouble which this process causes efficiently and be at peace to enjoy your new abode. Here are some moving house tips that will help you avoid chaos on the final moving day. 1. Get Organized at [...]