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Students, office going people, and professionals, at some point in life everyone has to relocate. The time when you are seeing your life to be changed must be peaceful and rejoicing. But people get to spend it troubled and working meticulously in packing their house belongings up and moving them to the new place. What you actually need is a man with a van Melbourne. Well, there are various movers service providers in Melbourne area but if you want to associate with the best ones then Capital Removalists is your stop.

man and a van


  • Man with a van Melbourne helps you in conveniently moving your priced belongings from one place to other. The services vary as per your needs. You can hire these services to relocate in the same city or intercity.
  • The USP of our company is that we offer assuring services and our professionals are friendly enough to befriend you while helping you out with your moving chores.
  • Contacting our company is pretty simple. We deal in packing and moving stuff of your offices as well as houses. You can either call us and book an appointment or send us a query and we will get back to you.

Man with a Van Services

Movers tend to hire van rentals than hiring man with a van Melbourne. There is a lot of difference between both the services. Man with a van Melbourne is a complete removalist service that not only loads and unloads your stuff but they also help you out during packing. If you separate the name Man-With-A-Van, there are two main terms in it, Man and Van. Man stands for the professionals that we send for your assistance and van is the suitable ride to take your furniture and other house belongings safely to its destination. It is a simple context that refers a packaged job for the hirers.

Man & Van

Our professionals understand your instructions carefully and abide by them. Whatever you require transporting, man with a van tries to make it as comfortable and cost effective as possible. The job includes pack your items securely, move, and set up the things. There are furniture items that need to be disassembled before transferring them and reassemble them on reaching the destination. Our professionals are equipped with the tools that help them in disassembling the furniture conveniently. The services that we offer are

  • House Moving Melbourne– House movers in Melbourne are more prone to avail services from man with a van Melbourne. After the removalists services have surfaced, no one wants to take entire responsibility of packing and moving their house stuff. And when you can avail the removalists services at a convenient price then there is no point of taking toll on all these complex tasks all by yourself.
  • Office Moving Melbourne– The offices also consists of different kinds of furniture, files, and settings that have to taken from one place to another. The office owner that cannot handle all the transfer by themselves, man with a van Melbourne is always assembled in their service.
  • Interstate Removalists Melbourne– Last but not the least is the interstate removalist services offered by man with a van Melbourne. Whether you have to travel from Melbourne to Brisbane or any place else, our man with a van Melbourne services are ideal for you.

We Have Got the Expertise

You must have been thinking that what special skills one requires to be a removalist. Well, packing itself require a lot of skills. You just have to gather all the stuff at one place and section them in various categories. You can also guide them on how to pack your belongings. In the big cartons, man with a van Melbourne makes space for all the material to be transferred. An inexperienced person can never make space in the carton the way a professional can.

Man with a Van Melbourne

Other than that, the furniture has to be handled very carefully. These are priced possessions of your house and you cannot afford them to get damaged while moving. Man with a van Melbourne services comprise of professionals that carefully take your furniture and put it into the van in such a way that no harm is caused to it during the ride. The furniture products that have to be disassembled first before moving are handled excellently by our professionals. Our team carries a tool kit with them. Using these tools them conveniently disassemble your house stuff and pack them carefully.

The glass items are bubble packed before moving. Our team also possess the skills of using your house space efficiently. While delivering your belongings to the new place, our professionals also help you in reassembling them and fit through narrow spaces. Of course different services by us are priced based on the efforts we put in it. But once you have hired us, you can rest assured that all the tasks will be done seamlessly.

We Give You Best Man with a Van Prices

The man with a van Melbourne services at Capital Removalists vary in terms of pricing. Our price is exceptional value of money. Depending on the need of the user, we also customise our services. Some customers only need help with the packing tasks whereas others require assistance with moving. However with our man with a van Melbourne services, we encourage our customers to assign us the complete task that include packing as well as moving.

Different trucks and rides available with us are: man_with_a_van

  • Two men and a van
  • 2 Tonne Truck
  • 5 Tonne Truck
  • 5 Tonne Truck
  • 6 Tonne Truck

We book the ride for your stuff after knowing its capacity. 2 men and a truck cost is different that a man with a van prices.

The hourly rate of our man with a van Melbourne services are quite less than what is charged in the market. We believe that quality doesn’t always have to tag along with huge costs. Our clientele has flourished manifolds due to the competitive prices incurred by our company. All the prices include the GST charges and it takes us minimum of 2 hours to get through with the entire task. If you require more than 1 helper then the cost will be increased accordingly. It also depends on the complexity of the task.

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Why Move with Man with a Truck Melbourne?

Capital Removalists is up and coming removalists company in Melbourne that offer excellent moving services. Our prices are extremely affordable and we offer flexibility in making payment. We accept payment in cash or by card. Man with a van Melbourne services at Capital Removalists are one of a kind and we help in making moving joyous. We have assembled a perfect team of professionals that understand all the tasks and offer rightful services. Also, our professionals are very friendly and listen to you with the fragile movables. Man with a Truck Melbourne takes pride in deliver satisfactory services to our customers and earn goodwill for our company.

Man With a Van Melbourne

Our team is well behaved, uniformed and self motivated. Man with a truck professionals bring along proper equipment that will help in making the endeavours more seamless. In case of any damage caused, we offer instant resolutions to the problem. We take full responsibility of the work done in the most careful way. Our crew bring along the packing equipment, dollies, straps, and necessary tools. We leave no stone un-turned in delivering professional services. That is why we confidently ask you to send us a query and we will be delighted to cater you at the most affordable prices.

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Man with a Van Melbourne Reviews

Highly recommended Removalists in Melbourne

5 5 1
If you are looking for some packers and movers services in Melbourne, then they are the ones for you. I have not only personally used their services but also recommended them to many friends looking for such services. I am very happy to say that they affordable high quality services have impressed everyone. I highly recommend to people who need movers in Melbourne

Best moving services

5 5 1
Moving houses could not have been easier thanks to the professionals at Capital Movers in melbourne. As soon as we hired their services, their team of experts visited our house to chalk out the pan. On the actual day of the move, they stood besides us throughout the day and made sure all our little requests were adhered to very well.

Very professional

5 5 1
They provide one of the best removal services in Melbourne. They helped us to pack and move all our belongings while shifting from one house to another. They looked after each single detail and were by our side throughout the whole move. Their team of experts was extremely professional and very friendly at the same time, making everything very easy.

Brilliant work done

5 5 1
They are definitely one of the best removalists in Melbourne. While looking for a mover and packer company, we were recommended to use them by a friend. We are very happy with the services provided by them. They looked into each detail mentioned by us and carried out the whole process very efficiently without us having to interfere at any time.

Best Melbourne movers

5 5 1
If you are looking for good movers in Melbourne, then Capital Removalists Melbourne are the best option for you. They have an excellent team of professionals who are very friendly but has a very good knowledge regarding all the different details of moving. At the same time they are very affordable as well, making them the best.

Affordability meets quality

5 5 1
Needless to say, Capial Removalists is one of the best packers and movers in Melbourne who have been able to perfectly mix quality with affordability. They have an excellent team of professional who were very friendly as well as experts in the field. This made the whole process of moving very easy and light on our pockets. We highly recommend their services to all.
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